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We at Semi School pride ourselves on offering a full range of car, motorbike, all Semi and Multicombination vehicles and Rigid truck driving lessons to people of all ages, to further job opportunities or simply just as a refresher.

Semi and Truck Driving School

MR class of licence is done driving a Mitsubishi FM 515, which has synchromesh 10-speed transmission. This class of licence covers you up to 15 ton with 2 axles. It is generally better to go straight to this licence from a car as it will give better job possibilities. After holding a car licence for 12 months from a red P this licence can be achieved. If you are intending to progress up in classes, the HC or semi trailer licence can be obtained after one year of having the MR.

HR class of licence is done driving a Ford Aeromax prime mover with an approved detachable body and 3 axles. This vehicle has an 18-speed transmission, which is non-synchro. The reason this type of vehicle is used is because the more difficult transmission gives the student an unrestricted licence in that class and to master this type of vehicle makes you a more capable, aware driver, with increased job opportunities.

HC class of licence uses the same prime mover but is connected to a 12.8 metre tandem trailer which has maximum distance between the axle group and tow pin so it is similar to back as a 14.6 metre (48foot) triaxle trailer. Some operations needed to be competent in are reversing around corners using mirrors, trailer disconnect and reconnect in the correct order and generally handling the vehicle in traffic. We do teach gear changes up and down up hills and down hills in the low range of gears as well as other activities needed to be a competent driver.

MC course is also available at our driving school. This covers for all combinations of more than 1 trailer, is done using an 'A' and 'B' combination which is 23.2 metres when fully connected. This is a one day course and starts in the morning with the theory and short exams. This is followed by an assessment with one trailer to check for competencies before connecting up the two trailers. Once this is completed the final pre-drive checks are made. This is followed by lunch and the afternoon is spent in the multi combination vehicle to include general driving, hazard perception and avoidance with some reversing done at a specific area along the way. The drive is completed back at the complex where the rig is split up and parked once more. Once the bookwork is finalised the certificate of attainment is generated and the licence is ready to be upgraded at any Queensland Transport customer service centre.

If you are interested in truck driving school courses or truck driving lessons taught by professional driving school instructors, contact us today for all your heavy vehicle licensing needs.

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